ISBN 978-0-646-91848-8
148x210mm, 368 pages
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Behind Blue Eyes

Melinda Page

In 2011, I set myself a personal goal to take a photograph from the same step overlooking Toowoon Bay beach on the Central Coast of NSW, each day for a year. Despite going through a time of difficult personal trials, my challenge was to never miss a day of shooting.

This challenge was one which was both demanding and therapeutic; and my determination to succeed with the project kept growing as the days went on. My intent to capture the atmosphere of the day from the same single step, as well as keeping the photographs diversified, was sometimes testing. As the year progressed, I became exhilarated by the variety of weather (be it serene or fierce), the activities I saw around me, as well as the people I met along the way.

At the end of each month, the month’s series of photographs were shown as an exhibition at the local Surf Life Saving club. When the year of shooting and holding twelve exhibitions had finished, I was hesitant to simply file the photos away.

With great interest having been shown in the photographs, particularly by the locals who were in awe of way the area changed from day to day, I published these photographs into a coffee table book, appropriately titled Taken From the Step. The colourful coffee table book which highlights the beauty of the area, soon led me to give talks to clubs and groups about the photo series which progressed to exhibitions, and finally the book.

While introducing the book to people, talking about the challenges and joys of the project, I was often asked what prompted me to taking on such a project. Reticent to tell of the real reason I started the project, I finally realised that the story behind the project was one which would help many people to find a way through their own personal struggles.

As a result I wrote Behind Blue Eyes, a novel based on the true story of one woman’s triumphs over adversities. Interestingly highlighting the trials she faces throughout her life, the book touches on many topics, in which women in particular, will be able to relate.

Behind Blue Eyes is an informative book, but also a delightful journey to share, as it follows Meg (the lead character in the novel) throughout her life, sharing touching and tragic moments.

The novel has original poetry and affirmations throughout, which are thought provoking and uplifting, as well as detailed descriptions of magnificent scenery, which truly make the novel unique. Behind Blue Eyes is also a positive and encouraging story, which will leave the reader inspired.

I hope that you, the reader, will glean from Behind Blue Eyes whatever it is that will benefit you the most. Whether that is simply taking the time to sit and enjoy a novel, or perhaps losing yourself in the beautiful descriptions of scenery, or in the poetry. It may be that you are on a journey of self-discovery, and that sharing Meg’s journey will help you to find what it is that you are seeking.

Melinda Page