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Melinda Page

As a child who was shy, quiet and often endured long periods of illness, I discovered the joy of the reading and the way in which the written word was able to transport me to other times and places, bringing excitement and colour to my life.

I spent a lot of my childhood, especially when ill and isolated from other children, in an imaginary world, creating stories and scenarios in my head. As soon as I was old enough I started jotting down theses scenarios, writing my own stories and poems. By bringing imaginary characters to life on paper and often enjoying the challenge of putting what I wanted to say in rhyme, I was kept mentally active and inspired.

While I was writing or thinking about what I was going to write, I found that it no longer mattered whether or not I was ill, or if I was too shy to join in games with other children.

Ironically, in the decades that followed, my love of writing which was born in part from being shy, led me to giving radio interviews about my published poetry, as well as featuring in newspaper articles.

It was not until my forties, however, (having moved to the Central Coast from Sydney’s north shore a decade before) that I started giving talks to groups of over two hundred people about the unusual project I had taken on; shooting beautiful beach scenes daily for a year and producing a coffee table book.

The coffee table book, Taken from the Step, is sprinkled with original verses and some poetry, and incorporates my love of photography, which I’ve also found to be a wonderful form of expression.

My first novel, Behind Blue Eyes, followed in response to people’s interest in my photographic project and coffee table book. The novel is a work of love, but no less challenging than the year of shooting daily from the beach, taking me on a journey as I drew from experiences and deep emotions to write the book. Again incorporating poetry and many verses, Behind Blue Eyes is an inspiring book, which is both informative and uplifting.